Take Action Against the LICA Ordinance

You can send the letter in the link below by email to our Supervisors and the State senators listed below. If you want to edit the letter, you can open the pdf with Microsoft Word or copy the text of the pdf and paste into your word processor or use our letter as a basis for writing your own letter. 

Key Email Addresses

The Santa Cruz Board of Supervisors: boardofsupervisors@santacruzcountyca.gov 

Our State Senator John Laird: senator.laird@senate.ca.gov 

Senator Mike McGuire, author of SB-620: senator.mcguire@senate.ca.gov 

How Else to Help

Make comments in person at the Board of Supervisors meeting scheduled for June 25 

RBDA Community Meeting – Bonny Doon Wildlife: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow – In person and via zoom


In person at the Bonny Doon Elementary School Multi-Purpose Room and Virtually via the internet (zoom)Ecologist Grey Hayes will be the featured speaker, presenting “Bonny Doon Wildlife: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow” at the RBDA’s community meeting on September 13th. 

SEND US YOUR TRAIL CAM VIDEOS and PICTURES – We’d love to include your photos, videos or screen captures as part of the presentation.Grey will be discussing our wildlife neighbors past and present, covering the variety of animals, changes that have taken place over time and about how best to coexist with them.We’re very lucky to live among the multitude of mammals, birds, reptiles and insects, both large and small, common and not so common (even rare), that populate our mountain. Grey’s presentation will be both informative and entertaining, and the icing on the cake would be to have your pictures and videos as an integral part of it.

How to submit your pictures and videos: Email your submission to me at eornas@gmail.com. In your email, please Include your name, the name of the animal (if you’ve identified it), the date and time the photo was taken and the location. Gmail’s maximum allowable size for attachments is 25 megabytes so please make sure yours is less than 25 megs. If you have something special that is larger than that, let me know and we’ll have to find another way to accommodate.