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 Water on the Mountain: Local Water Experts Answer Your Questions 

Zoom Videoconference

Wednesday November 16, 7:30 p.m. 

This will be a virtual Public Meeting held on Zoom

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 With the Monterey Bay area at D2 level Severe Drought, and with the CZU fire and the changing climate, we in Bonny Doon have concerns about our wells and the quality of our water. How will this natural resource be impacted by continued drought, fire and changing rainfall patterns? Please join the RBDA for a panel discussion about water in Bonny Doon. Three local authorities will answer your questions about well maintenance, drilling and the geology that makes it all work. 

Aaron Bierman is the principal of Bierman Hydro-geo-logic. He earned his B.A. in Earth Sciences from UCSC in 1994 and became a professional licensed hydrogeologist in 2005. He is an expert in water resource management, catchment-and-basin size hydrogeologic and long-term sustainable water supply analysis, fractured hard rock structural controlled groundwater flow, and has served as an expert witness in hydrogeologic discrepancies in relation to groundwater resources, well feasibility and groundwater quantity and quality. 

 Aaron Lingemann is a third-generation Bonny Doon water well driller who has been drilling for 30+ years. Under Aaron’s leadership, Earth Flow Drilling became the first water well drilling company in the United States to purchase a state of the art Versa-Drill V2000, a rig capable of drilling very deep wells (500 feet and more) and has also maintained Earth Flow Drilling’s long reputation as dedicated, personable and hard-working. 

Justin Robinson follows his dad’s lead as the principal of Tom’s Well Service, servicing wells in Bonny Doon since 1978. He is also a Category 1 Master’s cyclocross racer.

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